CCtec Software Solutions

We are a 360-degree IT Service & Development firm run by tech enthusiasts . We understand that there are multiple components that factor into a successful business.

That is why we are staffed by a range of innovative professionals from some of the most up and coming sectors of the tech industry as well as professionals in the necessary fields to bridge any gaps and provide guidance from any and all angles. From marketing strategies down to the nitty gritty code- we’ve got you.

Our goal is to support and uplift small businesses as they evolve with the world around us.


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Maintenance Software

This software, at its basal level, provides companies with a program that aids with documenting and keeping track of both routine, and surprise maintenance.

Network Security

Along with backing up your company's data to protect against computer crashes or other malfunctions, you need to protect your clients' information against viruses or security threats

Data Editing & Management

Your data is important, and you want to make sure it’s both accurate and secure. Our Data Editing service will make sure your information is consistent and accurate.


Edge computing in simple terms is transferring less data and computation in the cloud or a central system and alternatively, processing it closer to the source of the data.