Security Streaming App and its Capabilities

  Obtain more protection; achieve better results with less resistance! Security and protection are a right for every individual. as well as, of course, the fact that our lives are now on the verge of a multitude of dynamic facilities. We are increasingly connected to the world and have a lot of digital solutions. But… Continue reading Security Streaming App and its Capabilities

SSO Experience for Web and Mobile Applications

Get a wonderful experience with SSO (single sign-on) applications. It allows you to enjoy sign-on for multiple applications at once. Let’s explore this amazing experience with CCtect Software Solutions. As a leading mobile app and software agency in Buffalo, NY, we can develop an excellent app solution based on your requirements. We are available, especially… Continue reading SSO Experience for Web and Mobile Applications

Why an SQL Run-Base Application Can Be Beneficial

Have you ever wondered why most database work in web development and application development is done in the primary database language? SQL and Python, oh my! Structured Query Language (SQL) enables users to interact with databases. Additionally, it can create content for existing databases, such as tables, records, or views, retrieve data from databases and… Continue reading Why an SQL Run-Base Application Can Be Beneficial

Why Choosing Us

We can handle planning, scheduling, auditing, and reporting all aspects of the audit process. Automated email notifications regarding the audit schedule ensure that audits are carried out within the allotted time frame. Audit outcomes are superior to other quality management system software, including risk assessment, complaint management software, etc. We are highly experienced experts in… Continue reading Why Choosing Us

Get Simplified Solution

Our top-rated, quality ISO audit software is here to simplify the entire auditing process for your company. We are a CCtect progressive web app development company that also offers superior audit management software to ensure your company’s audit compliance per ISO standards.

What is an ISO audit

A  ISO Audit is a systematic examination, inspection, and recording of the procedure are known as an audit. It involves gathering evidence and objectively assessing it to ascertain the degree to which the audit criteria are met. It is helpful to reflect all the business’s loyalty in its production with a transparent recording and evaluation management… Continue reading What is an ISO audit