CCtec Smart App

An application that gathers data on a mobile device and quickly converts it into critical Management information.

CCtec Software Solutions provides

  • Enterprise-wide mobile applications for facility management and monitoring
  • Detailed reporting of Incidents
  • A complete range of Inspections.

CCtec provides effective and efficient tools that

  • Expedite interaction between management and the field
  • Offer a single point of control
  • Consolidate information and optimize decision-making
  • Don’t require investments in new infrastructure and require a minimal operating cost.


CCtec integrates its management and field operations into a real-time collaboration model on market-leading platforms.

  • Intuitive design
  • Simple operation
  • Easy reporting Quick onboarding


  • Inspection Capture & Submission
  • Daily/Monthly/Seasonal
  • Move In/Move Out/Make Ready
  • Ad Hoc/Detailed
  • Apartments/Offices/Campuses
  • Equipment -Safety/HVAC/Appliances
  • Courtesy/Security Patrols
  • Safety/OSHA Compliance
  • Compliance with Policies/CC&Rs Asset Recording
  • Metrics – Meters, Chemical Levels


  • Report progress in the maintenance of facilities and equipment, documenting tasks in the field, and increasing efficiency.
  • Submission/Tracking / Completion of Work Orders
  • Assignment of Work Orders / Routing
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Working hours per action performed
  • Products used
  • Detailed description / Categorization
  • CapX/OpX Project monitoring
  • Preventive Maintenance Program/Monitoring


Maintaining precise control and immediate reporting of incidents is crucial to avoid significant consequences and risks. Inform allows complete documentation of incidents in the field: Detailed description/photos.

    Individuals involved/roles:

    Witness / Injured Party / Employee / Tenant/Contractor

      Agencies contacted

      • Police / Firefighters / Insurance / First Aid / Maintenance
      • Witness reports/signatures
      • Vehicles and Products involved


      The Portal comprises:

      • Application Configuration, using a variety of templates
      • Set-Up of Authorization levels and rights
      • Real-time Reporting of Work Orders, Inspections and Incidents, in Zones, and detailed locations, of single or multiple facilities Data Mining via dashboards, analysis grids with drill-down capability