About our Video Storage Services

One of the biggest problems with most CCTV systems is the lack of storage capacity. This issue can prevent you from looking back and accessing the information that you need from the recording unit. Most systems will automatically save the stills in order to improve their longevity and maximize their memory system.

Despite the advancements in memory storage and video recording, we only have limited access to the past 3-5 months. Even with that, we can only get stills due to the actual size of the storage required for hours upon hours of video, but most camera systems have tapped into a memory source that has yet to truly be implemented to the system.

The ability to connect the cameras using wifi has revolutionized the way we store video. It allows us to access the various methods of storage for all the recorded footage. Depending on how much activity was captured, a month's worth of video can be around 60 to 200 GB.

Ongoing Issues with Majority of CCTV Systems


  • Lack of Storage Capacity
    → Prevents you from looking back on potential information


  • Stills saved as opposed to actual video footage
    → For only the past 3-5 months

BUT, most camera systems are not taking full advantage of what
their memory source could be

The goal of our program is to get you to upgrade your existing
security system to a more modern version so that it can store the
footage on the cloud instead of the still shots. It will also allow you
to access the footage from anywhere. This will allow you to keep
track of all the activities that were captured from the date of
installation till present day and view them at any time.