The Dark Web

The surface web makes up an estimated 5% of the internet. It contains standard search engines, and is readily accessible to the general populous (unless you live in North Korea). The deep web & dark web make up the remaining estimated 95%. The deep web is home to private information and sensitive data, and the dark web encompasses the access to illegal information, drug trafficking, and other illegal/illicit means.

The dark web is accessible via specific search engines (such as TOR) that provide a layer of anonymity and privacy.

Data Management in Buffalo NY
Data Management in Buffalo NY

Why its a problem

The surface web is home to some questionable forums, the dark web- even more so. In recent events, acts of violence have erupted due to the radicalization of young people through these illicit forums, with harsh and xenophobic doctrines.

Tracking & tracing individuals using the dark web is difficult, and intentionally so. The TOR browser sends a users data through multiple anonymous servers, and when paired with the use of a VPN, it offers an extra layer of anonymity. Police are unable to track live & encrypted VPN traffic- unless they have a court order to go to your internet service provider in order to receive connection/usage logs. Recent busts regarding illegal use of the dark web have been the result of downloads or getting caught in the act.

What we can do About it

In order to combat this, we require a few layers and some nuanced spyware. Specifically, spyware with specific features and functions that can work both independently and in tandem with traffic pushed through the personal internet network. Once deployed, the data will be processed in order to determine the further specifications of it. The next step lies with the use of another remote system that will weed out unnecessary information and redundant data.

The final step would be a manual review process in order to determine the next legal steps.