About our Maintenance Software

This software, at its basal level, provides companies with a program that aids with documenting and keeping track of both routine, and surprise maintenance. It can be tailored to the company's specific needs (such as personal dashboards for training/ compliance purposes) and is readily available through multiple devices, at any time. A dashboard is provided, in which the equipment can be loaded on to, and arranged by location. In addition to managing all of that information, it can also respond when a piece of equipment fails by providing you details of what is required and vendors that carry the necessary equipment. It also has the capacity to monitor multiple jobs/sites and provides a real-time feed for the last 8 hours.

Network Security
Network Security

Basal Maintenance Program Features


● Documents both surprise and routine maintenance


● Dashboard in which equipment can be loaded onto and arranged


● Troubleshooting after failure of equipment (provides details and vendor list)


● Available through multiple devices at any time


The software can be tailored to a company’s particular needs, for example:


● Personal Dashboards for training and compliance


● Can monitor multiple jobs/sites


● Real time feedback on equipment for the past 8 hours