About our Network Security Services

Network Security in Buffalo NY has never been easier with CCtec Software Solution. Along with backing up your company's data to protect against computer crashes or other malfunctions, you need to protect your clients' information against viruses or security threats.

Your clients trust you to keep their information private, and a data breach could be detrimental to your company's reputation. CCtec Software Solutions offers IT services that provide security for your network to ensure that all of your files remain confidential.

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Network Security

Security Systems and Integration

Digital security combines virtual and physical tools to ensure that your small and medium-sized business or million dollar home is protected from intrusion. Digital and cybersecurity for Buffalo businesses ensure that you control access to your systems and property.

Your digital security systems--camers, alarms, and access control--need to be coordinated and integrated. Once you have a true digital security network in place, you’ll know that every aspect of your plant--physical and virtual--is protected to the highest level possible.

CCTec Consulting will help you plan and install that network. Whether you need security for your growing business, your family, or your million-dollar home, we'll keep you safe.

Network Security

Controlling Physical Access

Make sure only welcome people get into your facilities.

That includes door access and building area admission. We’ll create a key card access system which works at the levels you want.

We design and integrate access control systems regardless of facility or business size. From simple key card access systems to full biometric security protocols, we work with you to make sure your facilities are secure.

Your digital security needs come first for us--we’ll design the system which fits your business best.

Network Security

Surveillance Systems and Video

Video surveillance is a cost-effective security measure in Buffalo and throughout the country. We’ll work together to create the best video surveillance plan for your facility’s needs.

Video is a deterrent. When people know they’re being watched, they’re less likely to commit wrongdoing. And, when they persist, you have evidence.

That combinations provides you with peace of mind.

We’ll craft a surveillance system which works for you and meets your needs. From simple video coverage of the doors to a full network allowing facial recognition and license plate track, we can create the system which keeps you covered.

Network Security

Sounding the Alarm for Security

The third segment of any digital security system is the alarm system. Alarms deter burglars and unauthorized entry. They provide quick notice of fire and other situations. They can lead to insurance discounts.

We’ll work through your alarm needs--doors, windows, sensitive spaces. Wecan build in iI infrared motion detection systems, as well as fire, smoke, and flood detection systems.

Your system will bring you peace of mind because you’ll know it’s been designed for your needs. You’ll be secure 24/7.